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You've found a collection of over 19,873 amateur nature photos (native and non-native wildlife) taken in Kansas and Missouri. The photographs were taken in backyard flower gardens, vacant lots, birdfeeders and birdbaths, local lakes, ponds and nature trails. If you see it here then you'll most likely see it in or near your neighborhood.

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09/24/16 Sat in the gardens and counted 21 species of birds while having coffee. Big batch of Cedar Waxwings flooding the trees. Robins passing through.

09/18/16 The gardens are stuffed with goldenrod, Blue Mist, Obedient Plant, Pitcher Sage and asters and when the sun hits it there is a constant cloud of butterflies. It is amazing to watch. Sulphurs, Monarchs, Painted Ladies, American Ladies, Skippers, Eastern-tailed Blues, Gray Hairstreaks, American Snouts, Black Swallowtails, Eastern Tiger Swallowtails and piles of Buckeyes.

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