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You've found a collection of over 17,195 amateur nature photos (native and non-native wildlife) taken in Kansas and Missouri. The photographs were taken in backyard flower gardens, vacant lots, birdfeeders and birdbaths, local lakes, ponds and nature trails. If you see it here then you'll most likely see it in or near your neighborhood.

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08/31/15 The woman that helped design the initial layout of our gardens died today. She also gave me lots of plants - Ajuga, Comfrey, Crocosmia, Sweet Woodruff and Missouri Primrose to name a few. Friday and today, before I knew she had passed, I had been giving away loads of flowers because the garden has flourished and become overcrowded. It's kind of nice that there's a bit of color and a place for insects in several more yards now, thanks to her. Rest in peace, Meri.

08/29/15 Visited The Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden and Kauffman Legacy Park to see what was blooming. Passion Flower was peaking.and Goldenrod just getting started.

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