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You've found a collection of over 12,500 amateur nature photos (native and non-native wildlife) taken in Kansas and Missouri. The photographs were taken in backyard flower gardens, vacant lots, birdfeeders and birdbaths, local lakes, ponds and nature trails. If you see it here then you'll most likely see it in or near your neighborhood.

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07/30/14 Decided to remove the goldenrod anywhere it was smothering phlox. Also misted them with a dishwashing soap/water solution. Now we play the waiting game.

07/29/14 I have a large and pretty dense wildflower garden. Over the last few years I began adding native asters and goldenrod thoughout the gardens. I noticed this year, as the new additions began to get aggressive, that I had an abundance of little red Plant Bugs, especially on my Phlox. I also noticed that the leaves on much of the Phlox were mottled this year and the blooms were very poor. I am trying to figure out if this is a result of over-crowding or somehow related to the Plant Bugs.

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