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You've found a collection of over 19,996 amateur nature photos (native and non-native wildlife) taken in Kansas and Missouri. The photographs were taken in backyard flower gardens, vacant lots, birdfeeders and birdbaths, local lakes, ponds and nature trails. If you see it here then you'll most likely see it in or near your neighborhood.

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01/21/17 Was delighted to see the demise of the Heron Rookery near Roe Park was a mistake and that the trees were still there with nests in them! On the other hand, it upsetting to see a distressed hawk trapped inside the nets of Topgolf Overland Park, which looms over the rookery and lagoon that house Great-blue and Green Heron, owls, Malard, Wood Ducks and a few years ago, a Black-bellied Whislting Duck.

Yesterday I heard a Robin doing it's Springtime warbling. I also noticed that there were a dozen plants in the garden above ground. Today, on this bleak day, I heard a Cardinal singing! SINGING! Glory.
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