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Birds - American Golden-Plover
Class:Aves Order:Charadriiformes Family:Charadriidae Genus:Pluvialis

American Golden Plover, Pluvialis dominica. Plovers are short-billed waders found throughout most of the world. There are more than 50 species of Plover, including this American Golden Plover, identifiable by the white outline of his face and neck, spotted back and darker underbelly. Juveniles will be lighter in color with a less distinct white outlining. These plovers have an amazing migration route that takes them to the Arctic for breeding! If you have seen The Big Year, starring Jack Black and Steve Martin, the American Golden Plover was Jack Black's character, Brad Harris's favorite bird. Nick Varvel photographed this American Golden-Plover at Cheney Reservoir near Wichita, KS.

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 American Golden-Plover Photograph
 American Golden-Plover Photograph

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