18-year-old singer gets her ‘Susan Boyle moment’ with stunning lyrical performance

Singing talent is not given to everyone. The singing voice differs from the usual in timbre richness and strength.

The more actively the vocal cords vibrate, the stronger the voice, while the timbre depends on partial overtones , which create the color of the sound.

The singing voice is a gift of nature. However, like any talent, it needs development and improvement.

The difference in the types of voices is particular importance in the opera because the appearance of the character is closely related to the nature of the voice for which the part was written.

Children and young people with good vocal abilities often take part in various music shows and competitions. One of these is the show Britain is looking for talents.

One day a girl appeared on the stage of the competition whose voice shocked everyone. Her name is Faith Tucker. She sang a verse from the opera Granada.

Her voice was unique, she took very high notes unmistakably.

The judges were shocked. Faith is eighteen years old and she loved to sing since childhood. Her love for opera was instilled in her by her grandmother who was also fond of music.

In the car the girl always sang along with the opera singer. Her voice was so loud that it could be heard throughout the neighborhood. Faith has no musical education, this is her natural voice.

At sixteen the girl performed at a charity event and sang an opera aria. The event was attended by many famous people, including singers and composers.

Nottingham teenager Faith Tucker looks back on her time on Britain's Got  Talent ahead of Sunday's final - Nottinghamshire Live

She was noticed and offered to participate in a TV show. Two years later the girl decided to try her luck at the British talent show and was not mistaken.

Her bright performance was liked by both the judge and the audience. Faith was dressed to match her opera character with a fan in her hands and looked very calm.

When she began to sing, her voice did not tremble and sounded very smooth, as if she were a professional opera singer. The judges were very impressed.

They did not hesitate to send the girl to the next tour.

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