1st place Boogie Woogie dance sets records with 44 million views

Bracing in the dance styles of boogie woogie, lindy hop andSolo swing dancing is a wonderful and effective way to get your heart rate up for: This also can happen when you see how a talented and famous dance duo lights up the entire ballroom.
There are many impressive and popular dance duos today, and one of them is Sondre and Tanya, whose music just swings around without any tension. YouTube’s impressive dance duo are taking the stage by storm.

Sondre & Tanya

With their set of boogie woogie dance numbers across the stage, Sondre and Tanya hold the prestigious and popular silver YouTube play button.
During the World Masters in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, the duo performed floating dances of jaw-dropping speed. Sondre and Tanya show extreme experience in their dance routine.

After just one act, the two dancers captivated the crowd as they swayed to the music, twirling, diving, and kicking to the beat.
Sondre and Tanya’s quick footwork was more than enough for them to take first place in the World Master. As the world becomes aware of their dance ability, their amazing video of the boogie woogie inspired routine continues to grow
There was absolutely no shortage of energy left in the dance hall after their boogie woogie schedule.

1st Place Boogie Woogie Fast Final – Sondre & Tanya

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