77-year-old singer electrifies the crowd on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ has a wide range of performers from different age groups. It’s not just kids on BGT who have surprising talent, Mel Day, a 77-year-old singer who takes on Wilson Pickett’s classic song ‘Land of 1,000 Dances,’ is another excellent example.

Judge Alesha Dixon tells Mel, ‘When you have a soul like that, it never leaves you!’ Mel responds, ‘I’ve got a lot more to give, baby!’ Judge David Walliams says, ‘I want to have your baby!’ The audience roars with laughter.
In a more serious tone, Simon Cowell says, “Sorry you don’t just walk on this stage at 77 and sing like that. You must have wanted to be a singer when you were younger.’A number of times, Mel has been disappointed by him.
Simon responds, ‘Well, you know what timing is everything,’ and the judges begin voting.Simon adds some drama by giving a ‘yes’ vote to each of them. Look at the amazing performance in the video below!

BGT 2022

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