A boy and a girl enter the dance floor under Footloose, circling the judges’ heads

In 2017, the dynamic duo of Paige Glenn, who was just 8 years old at the time, and Artyon Celestine, who was 9 years old, left the judges of America’s Got Talent in awe with their electrifying performance to the iconic tune “Footloose.”

These pint-sized dancers showcased an extraordinary level of talent and skill that defied their tender ages, proving unequivocally that the world of dance knows no boundaries when it comes to age.

Paige Glenn and Artyon Celestine first crossed paths at a prestigious dance academy in sunny California, and from the moment they joined forces, their on-stage chemistry was undeniable.

For a glimpse of their remarkable performance set to “Footloose,” check out the video below.

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