A Christian farmer who refused to compromise his beliefs in front of the «Shark Tank» judges scored the best deal of his life… View the video below…

After a Christian farmer sold his invention on the television show «Shark Tank,» the investors warned him he had to give up his principles or go empty-handed. When the impoverished farmer refused their request while crying, he was quickly handed the best deal of his life.

Johnny Georges grew up in the horticulture industry and was well aware that most farmers waste millions of gallons of water each year when watering their crops. He set out to create something that would revolutionize the way farmers conducted their companies after seeing how severely things needed to change.

Georges created the Tree T-Pee, a plastic coat that protects trees from freezing temperatures and keeps water in. Farmers would be able to keep more of their crops alive with his approach, and they would only need 800 gallons of water per tree per year instead of 25,000 gallons. This would save a significant amount of money and resources.

He pitched his idea to a group of investors on the television show «Shark Tank,» and the investors were fascinated by his design and what it might do. They agreed to invest with him, but only if one condition was met. Even though each Tree T-Pee costs Georges $2.95, the judges wanted him to boost the price from $4.95 to $12 per unit so that they could make a lot of money.

When Georges heard this, he explained why his product is so inexpensive. He understands how difficult it is for farmers to make a living, therefore he will not take advantage of his coworkers.

«You’re selling to farmers,» Georges said. «Every tree that is planted should have a Tree T-Pee.»

When it became clear that Johnny Georges was not going to change his position, the judges unanimously opted not to work with him. Just as the impoverished farmer was about to give up, panelist John Paul DeJoria came out and gave him the best deal of his life.

Johnny Georges’ company has done really well. He has assisted farmers across the United States in getting their trees to grow quicker, stronger, and waste less water and food.

Georges’ working style has transformed the horticultural sector. But it’s because of his strong moral values that many farmers can now use the Tree T-Pee, even if they couldn’t at the price the investors demanded.

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