A Shy man can barely say his name onstage, when he opens his mouth? He shocks everyone!

Feeling nervous, stressful, or anxious is very natural. We have all been there. Right before a big occasion – whether it be a competition, date, or interview – we have all felt a sense of uneasiness.Thousands of years ago, when humans didn’t understand the world, it was the built-in fear of the unknown that helped us survive.

This fear response was wired into our nervous system because if we were too fearless we would die. We might have attacked a wild animal that was far more powerful than us, or we might have eaten an unfamiliar food and fell ill.When Christopher Maloney stepped on stage to audition for The X Factor UK back in 2012, the thirty-four year old experienced stage-fright on an international stage. Standing on stage in front of the judges, he was sweating uncontrollably and could hardly say his name without stuttering. But the moment he started to sing, his divine voice captivated the crowd’s hearts.Maloney chose to sing Bette Midler’s

“The Rose” because it was the song that played at his grandfather’s funeral. He moved in with his grandmother Pat to help take care of her. She was his biggest fan, and after five years of convincing, she finally managed to convince Maloney to audition.Please SHARE this stunning performance with everyone you know.

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