American Idol’ Contestant Blows Everyone Away With Heartfelt Country Cover Of “Dancing On My Own

“American Idol” has produced a lot of talents that went on to have music careers that anyone could possibly dream of. The likes of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia Barrino, Candice Glover, David Cook and Jordin Sparks, and even contestants like Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert and even Jessica Sanchez, have flourished on their own in the music industry and in their own ways.

All of their lives changed after they sang their hearts out as they avoided getting eliminated from the cutthroat singing competition week after week. Despite it being 21 seasons already, talents all over the country continue to grow and surprise the judges with what they can offer. When people think that they’ve already seen the best, they would be simply shocked and surprised to see this generalization debunked when they witness a talent unfold in front of their very eyes.

While others seemed to think that these competitions are only looking for that best belter, impressive vocalist, a perfect sob story to sell, a unique voice – then they might be wrong. “American Idol” contestants have continued to surpass industry standards as younger contestants who come from all over the nation prove that they have more to offer – even switching from one genre to another.

In Colin Stough’s case, he managed to have three judges up on their feet after his performance at the top 12 show with her impressive and hair-raising rendition of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own.” Originally a pop dance music song, Stough made the impossible by transforming it into a country ballad that would have everyone tearing up in no time. Read on to learn more about Stough’s performance.

Performing “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd for the audition round, Stough has been one of the formidable contended on “American Idol” because of his strong and raspy country voice that would have anyone be blessed to hear.

As he threaded to the competition, Stough eventually made it to the top 12 performances, where he sang “Dancing On My Own,” a well-known pop house song for clubs and bars. However, Stough did a great job of spinning the record around and made use of his strengths by singing it in a country tune.

Sitting only on a stool with a single spotlight and a guitar, Stough filled the venue with his powerful voice and great vocal prowess. After his performance, the judges bolted to their seats, giving him a standing ovation apart from the wild applause that the crowd had given him already.

Luke Bryan was pounding the table in amazement and jumping up and down in celebration; Katy Perry mouthed “wow” several times as she continued to applaud, while Lionel Richie was obviously impressed with Stough’s incredible performance.

In an interview with People Magazine, Perry and Bryan were candid in their reactions to Stough’s performance:

“He really sealed his deal. It only took a different moment. I think he literally turned his life around. He’s the Brad Pitt of country music. He’s got the taste and the song choice and the vocal ability — he really showcased it tonight,” Perry gushed about Stough, which Bryan supported: “On the show last night I really, really challenged him to be more aggressive with that mentality. He went out there, and he did a great job.”

People on YouTube were blown away by Stough’s performance, too, with some even saying that it was the “BEST country version of ANY song ever performed on ‘Idol’ history.”

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