American Idol Star Joins Andrea Bocelli To Sing A ‘Prayer’ Like No Other

Originally performed by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion, “The Prayer” is a beautiful duet that has won over millions of folks around the world. The Italian tenor and Canadian diva’s rendition of this beloved song has been covered by artists across the globe, and Josh Groban was even discovered due to having to fill in for Bocelli in a rehearsal.

Though the version between Bocelli and Dion is the most well known of them all, there’s one performance of it that turned out to be quite special…

Katherine McPhee was a winner of one season of the hit reality television show American Idol. She was actually able to perform the song with the legendary Bocelli on stage at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay in 2008, and she absolutely nailed it!

Bocelli started off the performance alone, but she joins in part of the way through and shows the audience just how well their voices go together.

You have no choice but to be incredibly moved by this powerful duet. Their talents came together for one truly magical night, and this video is sure to touch your heart.

There’s no denying producer David Foster’s success when you hear songs like this. He’s certainly made a home for himself in the music industry, that’s for sure. The people behind the scenes and the artists in the spotlight work together to create incredible and powerful songs that listeners will carry with them for a lifetime, and this song has even helped other artists find opportunities to become even more successful. It’s truly amazing what music can do to bring people together.

McPhee and Bocelli sure do know how to impress their viewers! Be sure to watch this unique performance in the video below.

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