Brooke, 9 years old enjoys Queen On The Voice Kids’ performance of “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Brook took part in the third installment of the blind auditions for The Voice Kids UK. She chose a very difficult song by Queen. See how she dealt with it!

Despite her young age, the girl perfectly found herself in the repertoire of the legendary Queen group. Singing “Don’t Stop Me Now” she proved that no one can stop her on the way to fulfill her dream, which is undoubtedly winning the program The Voice Kids UK. After her performance, she received a standing ovation from the audience.

All the jurors turned their seats at the right moment, which meant the girl could choose between, Pixie Lott or Danny Jones. Brook kept everyone in suspense for a while, but decided to choose her mentor Danny Jones, a member of the British band McFly, as a last resort.

The 9-year-old admitted that she has been singing since she was 2 years old! For her second birthday, she got a guitar as a gift from her parents, which helped her a lot.

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