Judges got in tears seconds after a shy boy performed a classic Queen song…

At a well-known children’s talent contest, 10-year-old Romanian boy Alex was visibly anxious as he took the platform. Everyone was worried that he wouldn’t be able to finish his performance since he couldn’t manage his emotions because he didn’t make much eye contact with the judges.

Everyone else was silent, though, until the boy began singing Queen’s “Show Must Go On.” The jury members began to exchange glances as though seeking confirmation that the voice they were hearing belonged to the boy.

All of the judges stood up after the first minute of his performance to cheer and show their support for his extraordinary talent. His strong and deep voice astounded the judges and the rest of the audience.

It goes without saying that performing a Freddie Mercury song is extremely difficult, especially for experienced professional musicians. It is therefore difficult to imagine that someone who is so young and has no prior experience performing on stage can do such a fantastic job!

Please take some time to share Alex’s performance with all of your friends and family since a voice like this doesn’t come around very frequently.

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