Modest Magician Leaves Everyone Flabbergasted With His Impossible Trick.

Without your past, you wouldn’t be standing where you are today. Although it may have been full of hardships, time passes, and so does the pain. Moreover, as you get through the challenges, think about how your future will look brighter because of it! This is what Marc Spelmann thought when he hit a rough spot in his life. And it helped him win a golden buzzer!

The 46-year-old magician has always wondered what it feels like to experience real magic. And two years ago, he found the answers. His wife was diagnosed with cancer while she was pregnant after years of IVF. Fortunately, his daughter Isabella made it through all the chemotherapy. And this was more than magical for him. So, with the help of his baby daughter, he prepared a winning act for Britain’s Got Talent.

First, Marc gives the judges a few tasks like picking crayons and cards, mixing a Rubik’s cube, and marking a word of a book. These are pretty standard things that most magicians do. However, what comes next leaves everyone flabbergasted in their seats! He plays a video of his little daughter. She draws with a crayon, sleeps with her favorite toy, and plays with the puzzling cube. But all those items perfectly match with the ones that the judges randomly chose. But when his daughter says the word Simon chooses, two years ago, he gets a golden buzzer! Watch the video below:

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