On ‘The X Factor,’ a 71-year-old knocks the judges off their feet. Full video is in the comments

“This video collection honors a handful of the ‘X Factor UK”s elderly citizens who have graced the stage over the years.”

Joyce, who has previously appeared on the show, is the first to audition. Joyce performs a song called “Paper Roses.” Fred Spielman and Janice Torre collaborated on the composition of this song. In 1960, Anita Bryant was the first to record ‘Paper Roses.’ Marie Osmond’s cover version of the song became a number one country hit 13 years later, in 1973.

Glenroy Grant, a retired bus driver, prepares for his audition meticulously. His song is the R&B classic ‘Knock on Wood,’ which was written in 1966. It was written by Steve Cropper and Eddie Floyd, and it was a hit for Floyd the next year.

A man sings in the song about wanting to do whatever he can to keep his relationship with his girlfriend or spouse intact. He compares their love to thunder and lightning, and Cropper has previously stated that a real-life thunderstorm inspired this line while he was writing the song.

Grant adds a lot of energy and enjoyment to the tune. In his grey suit, untucked dress shirt, black fedora, and two-tone shoes, he struts across the stage. Songs like ‘Knock on Wood’ demand a certain kind of bravado from a live performer, and Grant delivers.

The video’s following performers are Carol and Anna-maria. They confidently walk up to the judge’s table and announce themselves. After retiring, the two best friends decided to establish a band called Just Us.

The judges are immediately taken with the couple as they begin singing Abba’s “Hasta Manana.” It’s a large production song with several vocal parts, just like everything Abba created. Even when Abba recorded the song in 1974, it had a nostalgic sense about it, as if it had sprung to life from another age.

The ladies of Just Us, on the other hand, are up to the task. Even if they weren’t, judges Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger would be there to assist them. To Simon Cowell’s surprise, the two judges get out of their chairs and begin singing with the duet early in the song.

Other performances are included in this film, and they’re all worth viewing. Because of the competition’s high standards, watching the ‘X Factor’ family of shows is always a pleasant experience. But seeing Joyce, Grant, Carol, and Anna Maria perform reminds us that we don’t have to let other people’s opinions or prejudices stop us from doing what we love.”

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