Simon Cowell Calls Out ‘AGT’ Producers After Trailer Flowers Performance

Simon Cowell took a moment to call out the America’s Got Talent producers during Tuesday’s live show. The judge disapproved of the decision to take time away from Trailer Flowers’ segment to highlight Howie Mandel pressing Heidi Klum’s red buzzer.

Simon Cowell Calls Out AGT Producers

During Tuesday’s live show, country duo Trailer Flowers performed their original song “Who You Are.” During the performance, Mandel pressed Klum’s red buzzer. Host Terry Crews drew attention to this afterward, asking the show to roll the tape that proved it was Mandel who buzzed the act.

Mandel said he “knew what she was thinking” about the act. Klum admitted that she didn’t love the performance, but she didn’t think it was worth a red buzzer. Mandel said, “I don’t agree with her. I thought it was fantastic.”

When it came time for Cowell to give his thoughts, he called out the show for giving the buzzer moment so much attention, telling the duo, “I don’t think the producers should have done what they just did, because we don’t have a lot of time to talk and actually give you something constructive. So I apologize.”


What Did Cowell Think of the Performance?

During Trailer Flowers’ critique, AGT judge Sofia Vergara told the duo, “I kept waiting for Simon to ask for another song.” Cowell is known for stopping singers during their auditions and asking them to sing something else.

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