Simon Criticizes Her Choice as Unconventional — Then She Astonishes Everyone with Her Opening Note

Performing this song is not only a technical challenge, but it has also been covered countless times, making it hard to bring a fresh perspective. Even experienced artists approach it with great care.

Simon’s initial comment, “You’re a brave girl,” set the audience on edge. Yet, Chloe’s performance quickly dispelled their skepticism, leaving even the skeptical Simon astonished.

As she sang, “How sweet the sound of Amazing Grace…,” Chloe’s commanding voice and unwavering delivery left a lasting impression. By the song’s conclusion, Simon not only acknowledged her passage to the next round but also her place in the finals.

The audience wholeheartedly concurred, rising to their feet and applauding her right from the outset. It was a testament to how a judge’s initial impressions can be entirely off the mark.

Chloe Paige’s desire to make her family proud led her to perform unaccompanied. Did the judges perceive her decision as brave? The answer seems quite evident.

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