Son took his mother’s hand when the favorite song began to play – now watch the dance that conquered the internet by storm

We all have sleep problems from time to time in our lives, but how we deal with them is what matters most. Some people read, others listen to music, and others take sleeping pills if they cannot sleep.
However, one mother and her son have found a way to beat insomnia that makes millions of people happy.

His mother Lucy taught him to dance from the moment he was able to walk, so when Lucy told Lance one night that she wasn’t tired, Lance knew exactly what to do to help her go to sleep.
The song “Dear Husband” by Megan Traynor’s son began to play, and Lance, a husband with two children, was about to start dancing when Lucy turned to the camera and said that’s what happens to people in Louisiana who can’t fall asleep.

The video went viral within minutes of going online, with millions of people viewing and sharing the video.

Lance finishes on the floor as he cannot stop laughing as Lucy says something that makes the entire family cry with laughter near the end of the dance. These two are so much fun together!

Watch the sweet moment of mom and son in the video below

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