Sophia Grace and Rosie perform Adele’s Rolling in the Deep

“Publicity girl,” you remark? If you’re Sophia Grace Brownlee, the diminutive British child who performed with her cousin Rosie to Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” to the delight of 23 million YouTube viewers, you show that you have the remarkably powerful vocal skills to back it up.

The sisters explained on the “Ellen Show” on Tuesday, “I couldn’t get to sleep that night, we went out to celebrate at the dining, and my dad went to the pub.” and rising to fame quickly

It would all be humorous and awfully nice if Sophia didn’t have some real talent, especially when the film turns to five-year-old Rosie’s hazy face.

Sophia Grace and Rosie 2 excited girls performed another number-one single, “Rolling in the Deep.”


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