This girl has become a rock star thanks to her powerful voice… «And I’m Telling You» sounds better than ever.

The British talent competition “The Voice Kids” features Courtney Hedwyn, whose performances have gotten better and better. In the final, this gifted young rock singer gave a superb performance of the well-known song “And I’m Telling You,” which was made popular by Jennifer Hudson. The song calls for a powerful, muscular voice with a fantastic range, which Courtney effortlessly delivered in her own special way.

It’s impossible to ignore any aspect of Courtney’s spectacular performance in the finale. Her commanding onstage presence is genuinely amazing, and her vocal prowess—powerful and unrestrained—is nothing short of extraordinary. Her excellent dance moves and natural facial expressions enhance each lyric’s raw emotional intensity.

The popular song by Jennifer Hudson seems to be crafted specifically for Courtney Hadwin’s special abilities. This show-stopping climax is the perfect fit for her voice, attitude, and stage presence, resulting in a performance of “And I’m Telling You” that is even more soulful and genuine than the original.

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