This little girl is only six years old, but as soon as she starts singing, the judges bow down to her!

Alicia Keys’ hit song “Girl On Fire” has a lot of high notes, making it difficult to sing, yet this six-year-old child can do it with ease like a genuine diva!

Chelsea, a little girl, had one of The Voice Kids’ most beautiful auditions without holding back.

Chelsea entered the stage like any other average six-year-old girl, wearing a sweet outfit and a ribbon in her hair.

But as soon as she opened her mouth to sing the song, the entire studio was awash in the potent echoes of her incredible soprano.

Her incredible voice astounded the judges and the audience alike!

This young child’s career as a vocalist is quite promising. Additionally, it shows her talent as she opted to sing Alicia Keys’ song with assurance.

Chelsea definitely conveyed the song’s message of female empowerment, and “Girl On Fire” is the ideal fit for her voice and persona.

She might turn out to be the next Alicia Keys.

Here is Chelsea’s whole audition video.

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