Woman’s rendition of ‘Never Enough’ earns Golden Buzzer and leaves Simon Cowell slack-jawed

She’s unbelievable.

All hopefuls who audition for the ‘Got Talent’ franchise are dreaming of getting that ‘Golden Buzzer’.

To them, it’s not just an advance ticket to the live semi-finals. Its meaning goes beyond that.

It’s an honor of being recognized by the world’s greatest talented people. It is like being incredibly different from the other auditionees.

She’s Loren Allred from Brooklyn, New York and she wowed not just everyone present in the entire audition venue but the rest of the world!

Her prepared audition piece was the famous song ‘Never Enough’. It’s from the fifth-highest-grossing live-action musical film of all time ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Before she even sang, judge Simon Cowell asked her to share something about herself.

And she left everyone stunned with her response, “Well, I think some of you guys have actually heard my voice but you don’t know my face.”

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